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As a recent graduate from the West Coast’s number one graduate school (ranked by The 2012 survey from Design Intelligence), The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), where I received the selected thesis award under the supervision of Eric Owen Moss & Elena Manferdini; my interest lie heavily within the execution and construction of contemporary avant-garde design.

While I am a young professional, I have over eight years professional design experience in the casino and hospitality industry at Friedmutter Group, Las Vegas, where I worked as a designer and 3d animator on multi-billion dollar projects like the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino in Las Vegas. I have also successfully taken the role as lead designer at Atelier Manferdini where I oversaw the design and fabrication of many projects such as the Swarovski Crystal Cathedral installation that I designed and built in the Birmingham, England Art Museum. My recent academic experience includes a teaching instructor position at SCI-Arc for the graduate level seminar: Introduction to Digital Design. While in school I was also a teaching assistant for two graduate level seminars: Introduction to Maya with Elena Manferdini and Advanced Building Systems with Ilaria Mazzoleni, where I taught contemporary digital software that influenced the development of architectural systems. I also taught numerous software tutorials at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where I graduated cum laude, while receiving my Bachelors of Science in Architecture. My design approach is based on the following methodologies:

Craftsmanship through Digital Design
I will implement a synergy of analogue and digital production techniques and exploit attributes of aesthetic and elegance. It is of my belief that hand craftsmanship is a fading talent that has dissolved after the advent and advancements of the technological era. It is also, however the solution to its own problem. I will push for the integration of 3d design platforms such as Grasshopper, Rhino, Revit, Maya, and 3D Studio Max as a means to reinvent what the term craftsmanship means in the digital era. I believe that by exploiting the precision of these softwares as a means for detailing and fabricating creative building systems avant-garde design, will become that much more relevant. The construction of ultra-detailed models and mock-ups are the primary mode of representation because this is where issues of craftsmanship are taught and resolved.

Mutable Forms of Architecture
Architecture can no longer conform itself as a tool that either re-renders or resists a single, fixed idea of culture. Thus, there is a need for Architecture to respond to the mutability and complexity of factors such as technology, culture, environment, economy, sociology, etc. I believe that these variables offer the opportunity for creative design, work derived from concepts informed by these issues. I will explore architecture in its contemporary, historic and visionary manifestation to create meaningful spatial design experiences.

Collaborative Thinking
Collaborative thinking prides itself on the ability to work in partnerships as teams; these exchanges and sharing of ideas are the foundation for trans-disciplinary innovative designs. I believe that this method is the essential key that unlocks creative and sustainable solutions to current design problems.